sd card in spi mode with Q24+

Hi, all

      I got a problem.......This is my 1st project...And only I am exiquiting this. I am trying to interfetching an external sd card with the module. I completed the hurdware like this...I connect...1.   pin 1 of sd card  (CS) with pin 28 of module.
  1. Pin 5th of the sd card (Clk) with pin 10th of the module 3. connect the I/O pins of Sd card with Pin 8th of the module.

I am using the system for vehicle treaking. And I want to save the each second GPS data in the external memory card. my system can transmit the GPS data in a 10 minit interval. But I want to Save the data in 1 second interval.

i cant complit my programming…

I am using Open AT Software for it…If any Body over here can help me then it will be very plaser to me…