Usb interfacing

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I would like to use the Q2687 module to connect to a PC via USB, but i see on the user guide that it is a slave USB 2, i would like to know wether it is possible to use the USB1.1 protocol with this device or if it supports this. Also, the datasheet recommends the use of the STF2002-22 RFI filter as interfacing from SEMTECH, i cant find anything about this component, any help for me on how to interface the Q2687 module as a USB1.1 slave to a PC.

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Please check below link … ?id=STF202

Isn’t USB2 inherently backwards-compatible with USB 1.1 :question:


Also remember that the Q2686/87 devices are ALWAYS USB slave devices - they do not have any Root Hub functionality in the internal hardware.

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