Q2687Rd - USB Master / slave feature - enable

Dear All,
we would like to use RF module(Q2687Rd) USB port to communicate with external devices such as camera,ect for data read / write, could any one guide us how to use make use of/ implement the feature…

Also let us know any other Airprime module support USB mater / slave feature…


The PTS (Product Technical Specification) will tell you whether the module supports USB Host mode.

I don’t have the PTS to hand at the moment, but I’m pretty sure it does not support USB Host mode - but you can read the PTS for yourself to be sure. Or speak to your Distributor.

You could use something like this hobbytronics.co.uk/usb-host/ … t-board-v2 to give a USB Host via the UART or I2C…

Or look at Legato…?

Thanks for suggestion !!!

I checked with distributor & PTS , available USB cannot be used as Host/Master mode…