Regarding PDP Context activation just after "AT+CGATT=1"

Attaching using “AT+CGATT=1” on EM7455/Verizon, the first context ID =1 gets activated automatically.

How do I disable the auto activation of context?

I want to enable context ID 3. This context has empty APN.
I have tried AT+CGACT=1,3 but it never activates ID 3 context.

Is there any way to fix this?

Hi akn,
It looks like that the APN in CID 1 and 3 are the same. Both CID 1 and CID 3 are using " vzwinternet", that could be the reason that you can not activate the CID 3.

Please configure CID 1 with other APN (by default, it is " vzwims")
The CID 3 is empty, or “vzwinternet”. And then detach and attach module again with AT+CGATT

Hope it can help.


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