Redundant SMS Service AirLink RV50

Hi all,

We are using an AirLink RV50 in our redundant SCADA system to send alarm notifications, and acknowledge alarms via SMS.
Following the setup guide for the RV50, we need to enter the “Local Host IP” under the Local Host Interface Configuration. Everything is working well as long as our Master Gateway with the given IP address is active Gateway. We can receive alarm notifications and we can acknowledge the alarms by replying the sms with a numeric code.
But in case the Master Gateway is failing, and our Backup Gateway (with a different IP) becomes the active Gateway, we are not able to acknowledge the alarms via SMS anymore because we have entered the Master Gateway IP address in the “Local Host IP” field of the RV50 SMS setup (highlighted in green in the below figure).

Does anyone know how to make the RV50 send the acknowledge sms to the Backup Gateway in case the RV50 has lost connection with the Master Gateway? Do we need to setup some sort of port forwarding? Or are there some entry field in the RV50 where we can enter our Backup Gateway IP address in case of a failover?


Hi @ash_mc ,
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About your question, unfortunately to say that the SMS service as your picture showed, we don’t have the redundant or backup IP address option for entering and working as you wish.

However, we can make our wish come true by a simple ALEOS app. Please note that our gateway is running with ALEOS framework and we can make our own ALEOS app on this framework.

Overall idea for the app in this scenario is:

  1. App will check the connection between it (RV50 gateway) and the Master Gateway by ping action
  2. If the ping action is successful. Do nothing then re-do the ping after 1 minute.
  3. If the ping action is not successful, the app will set the Local Host IP as the Backup Gateway IP (or Master Gateway if Backup Gateway is set before) address. Then repeat step 1 to step 3.

For more detail about making an ALEOS app, you can refer to below link


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Hi Donald,

Thank you for replying.
What does it take to make this simple app? How much would it cost to have you make this?

We do not have any experience in making apps for the ALEOS framework, so I guess it would take us a significant amount of hours to make this on our own.