Reading from flash memory


In my device which uses Q24 series wavecom module Iam writing some data on flash memory . Also we are providing USB connection to connect this device to PC.
Now my question is that when I connect this device to PC via USB port then how can I collect or read the flash memory data on PC?
Should I need to write any driver for that?
Using ADL is it possible to establish communication between desktop application and device to read data from flash?

Your help will be appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi Yogesh,

→ Q24 series do not support USB function, so you must be providing the USB function by yourself. Q24 will be connect with USB chip via a port (exp: SPI, I2C …)

→ You must write the driver for this USB chip that you have used

→ You must use the ADL for control the USB chip (that mean you use the ADL for communicate with USB chip via SPI, I2C port …).

→ You control the USB event via ADL APIs, so you can develop your own protocol to read and write data to flash memory.