USB Driver for Q2686


Hello All,

Just like to find out if its possible to use the USB functions on the Q2686 and run AT comand…and stuff. I believe you need some form of driver for the PC to understand the USB device needs a windows driver and maybe the UART1 can be switch to USB to accdept AT command???



That’s right - all USB devices require a driver.
Many drivers are now built-in to Windows, so you may not specifically need to install anything, but a driver is certainly required.

No - UART1 and USB are distinct flows.
Look at the diagram at the start of the FCM chapter in the manual, and see the description of the adl_fcmSubscribe() API function.


Since UART1 can be switched from DATA mode to AT_command mode…can the USB device on the Q2686 do the same functions…switching from DATA mode to command mode?