As to memorize data in memory



I have a Wavecom Fastrack M1306B.

In my application I want to memorize some data (type text files) that they later will be sent with a TCP socket.

I am a confused, In the guide I have found different memory functions:
adl_memory.h , adl_flash.h , adl_ad.h .

What can I use for my application?

Can I find samples that they can help me ?



adl_memory is RAM; ie, it is volatile.

adl_flash and adl_ad are both non-volatile.

So, the first question is: do you require volatile or non-volatile storage?

As to whether to choose Flash or A&D for non-volatile storage, the Wavecom documentation is typically unhelpful on this matter!



I require non-volatile storage.

I want only to store data recieved through the UART1 and after to read

Have you some example in order to write and to read whit adl_flash or adl_ad ?

Hello and thanks


The Wavecom Application Download sample illustrates the use of A&D Storage;

Several of the Wavecom samples use Flash for non-volatile parameter storage; eg, the Telemetry and Ping samples