Data in UART1

I need get the data in UART1, and send via GPRS, now, I can send frames in GPRS, but, need catch the serial data , How can do it?
If you have any sample…

Open the ADL User Guide, and read the section on the FCM Service; ie, the Flow Control Manager

Thanks awneil
What is the diference using adl_fcm… and wm_fcm… Functions?

Well, you didn’t find the wm_fmc… functions in the ADL User Guide, did you…? :wink:

Wavecom provide two APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to the Open-AT operating system:

  • Basic - provides the wm_… functions;
  • ADL - provides the adl_… functions.

If you need to ask the question, then you should just use ADL and not worry about the Basic API! 8)

The “Basic” API is so called because it provides only basic support - leaving more work to the application;
Thus the “Basic” API is best suited to advanced developers; not beginners - see viewtopic.php?f=47&t=1080

As I understand it, Wavecom are intending to cease support for the Basic API?