Why finalising?


I’m using the ad_adlWrite function to store data. It’s works as a datalogger: After a power down (the module is completely disconnected) the ad_adlWrite function stores the new data after the last entry. It works quite well, even if I disconnect the module during the writing. For what purpose is then the finalise function? I’m also wondering about the fact that the Wavecom OS must store the pointer to the next entry. But it could not be the flash (max. 100000 Cycles) Has the module a static RAM or something similar?

I’m right with my usage or have I face some problems (maybe lost if data) if I don’t use the finalise-function.

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The Wavecom documentation is particularly poor on explaining stuff like this! :frowning:

Anyhow, I think the Finalise is probably only needed if you’re downloading an application - you have to Finalise before you can Install.

There are also some other operations that require the cell to be finalised - see the function descriptions.


I think if the power off is done before the cell is finalised the contents written to the particular cell are lost …