Uknow -22 ERROR on adl_adWrite

Hi all!!, im trying to write but this error appears, -22. I cant find what it is, does anyone knows??,

Thank u for advance!!!


The most common reason of receiving -22 (ADL_AD_RET_ERROR) as a result of executing adl_adWrite is an attempt to write on cells which are already finalized…
check the user guide for proper flow…

hope it helps.
cheers… :smiley:

What Open-AT version are you using?

The latest one!, i kind of resolved it but i wasnt shure why that happened to me.
Do i need to use the finalize command to install a .dwl file into the CPU?.
What happend with the data stored in the A&D memory when i install a .dwl file??. Thanks!!!

The process is described in the ADL User Guide.