USB on Q2687


Hi all,

I have installed the USB drivers onto my computer and when i go to the control panel there does exist a WAVECOM SerUsb. But as soon as i double click on it, it tells me that there is no driver installed on the system.

I heard that if i want to use the USB function that i have to send a command to it to activate the driver. What exactly must i do so that i can start sending and receiving information via USB using the development kit Q26? I can’t find useful documentation to tell me exactly what to do. I have searched the ADL user guide and the at command interface guide. Please tell me where to find everything i need to help me setup a USB application.



Look-up AT+WMFM in the AT Commands manual…


thanks alot. do you by any chance know how i can get MATLAB to receive data from the module?


if matlab can read from serial ports or sockets…yeah u can


Indeed: as far as Matlab - or any other PC application - is concerned, it just sees a serial port. What is externally connected to that port is irrelevant to the operation of the COM port!