Flash Memory Reading

Can anybody help me out : how to read /extract data from flash memory of Wavecom Module Q2686 through AT Commands in Hyper Terminal or any other way suggestion will be appreciable…

In Developer Studio, in Target Manager, there is a Flash Object View that can view the data stored in flash memory.

Without Developer Studio whether it is possible to read Flash Memory.
Please revert…

What, exactly, are you trying to achieve here :question:

Are you talking about the ADL Flash service, or just trying to read-back what’s been downloaded to the module? Or what?


Ya i just trying to read back what`s been downloaded to the module.

If you mean downloaded with AT+WDWL, there is to my knowledge no way to read-back that download.
And in my opinion there shouldn’t be either.

Why would you need it?


Good question!
So, again, what is the goal of reading back the downloaded code :question:


Because my flash memory is corrupted while downloaded with AT+WDWL that’s why???
want to see how???