RC7620/RIL10 sim not detected


We have a problem with thesim in RIL10, the module is well detected, but it seems it is not the case for the SIM:

D SubscriptionController: [getPhoneId]- no sims, returning default
D IccCardProxy: broadcastIccStateChangedIntent intent ACTION_SIM_STATE_CHANGED value=NOT_READY reason=null for mPhoneId=0

and we noticed the below AT command error:

320 644 E use-Rlog/RLOG-RIL: initializeCommon error by AT!UNLOCK command

Is there any specific step to check regarding the sim in our integration?

AT!UNLOCK is for level 3 unlock, probably your module cannot accept this command.

Hi @georges.torval91,

Did you try to check +CPIN and !UIMS parameters on your module? If no, please try to check it and send me the result.