"CME ERROR: 10" with sim present


We are in production with a lot of products on the field (our commands and hardware are working on multiple products).
I have few of them which are returning “+CME ERROR: 10” (SIM not inserted) error after few time of use.

The one I am currently investigating have such result:

  • at+ksimdet=0 // Suppress SIM detection to have access to GPIO3
  • at+kgpiocfg? // Read GPIOs port configuration (all is IN / pull_down)
  • at+kgpio=3,2 // Read GPIO3 state → it is correct: 1 when card is present, 0 if reset to GND
  • at+ksimdet=1 // Go back to sim detection
  • at+ksimsel=4 // Read sim presence (return: +ksimsel: 4,1,1 // which tell that external SIM 1 is here)
  • at+ksimsel? // Read Sim selection configuration (return +ksimsel: 0,1 // which tell that we use SIM 1 by default)
  • at+CPIN? // Generate the “+CME ERROR: 10”

=> can you help me to understand why I have a “SIM not inserted” error while the sim detection is correctly provided ?

Thanks in advance for your help



+HWREV: 1.0

does the SIM work in other OK HL78 module?

To bypass sim holder troubles, I have soldered the current SIM.

But previously I had check multiple SIM cards on this product including SIM that was working on other products, and I always had the same CME ERROR with this specific modem, even if the sim was working elsewhere.

if you have checked those setting for SIM card detection with the OK module, then this is a faulty module to read SIM card.
You need to do RMA on this faulty module.

Is there a link to the RMA procedure ?
Thanks in advance.

did you contact distributor on this?

Not yet. I will do it.
Thanks for your answers.