Raven X - what is my gateway address?


I have a Raven X, V4228 with a static IP address assigned through my government representative. It is on Verizon.

Verizon has provided me with an IP address, DNS servers and Subnet ID but thus far, no one I have spoken with can provide me with a gateway address. In the applications I have used the unit in thus far, I just used the IP address as the gateway address with no detriment. However, I am now trying to connect an older Linksys WRT54G router up to the unit to be a DHCP server while using the static IP from Verizon. The Linksys IP address window will not allow me to use the same value for the gateway and the IP address. Can someone tell me a way to determine the gateway of this RavenX unit under my service? is this value accessible via ace manager? On other modems I have used in the past it is often just one numeric less than the IP address but does that logic hold here? example, if my ip is 123.456.789 then the gateway would be 123.456.788?

Thank you for your help!



Problem description is very confusing.
If question is to know how to get IP address from AceManager, then it is displaid in the Status>home view of AceManager.

If question is how to set the Raven Gateway to be transparent and the Linksys to be reachable over the Verizon static IP, then set in LAN tab> Addresses > host public mode: “Ethernet uses public IP”,