Change Static IP in [Sprint] 2221 Raven XE...

My Raven’s Static IP needs to be changed to to allow dynamic ip addresses to be received.
Does anyone know the specific procedure to change the *STATICIP parameter via either the AT commands or ACEMANAGER?
The process is mentioned only topically in the manuals.


Did you go through IPsec user guide?


Thanks for the suggestion.
Unfortunately, I have not found a workable solution to changing the existing static address which persists
at Provisioning has no effect on this value since any numbers other than prevents acquisition
of a fresh ip from the provider [Sprint].
All of the “reset to factory config…” procedures I have tried do not affect the existing static ip.
If modification of this parameter requires use of one of the advanced tools such as Wireless Ace
or the Windows-based AceManager or AceNet, then I am in trouble because I do not have access
to such utilities (although I have attempted to find them).
Any additional suggestions will certainly be appreciated…