Raven Dynamic IP

I have some old Ravens that sometimes do not register with their static IP, even though I have the static IP programmed in. I need to access from externally and need to know the IP. I would like to use the Dynamic IP function to at least send out what the IP is so I can monitor this.

Currently it is programmed with:
Domain - earilink.com
ipmanager1 - (which does not resolve to anything)
ipmgrupdate1 - 60 (minutes)
ipmgrkey1 - ********

The ipmanager app note discusses using this feature (suggests using edns2.eairlink.com - which does resolve), but does not describe how to register / obtain a key / dynamic ip name.

I was wondering how to register with sierra wireless to use this feature.

With the help of suandmarc, I figured this out.

Set up as follows, under Common / Dynamic IP
MODEMNAME - Pick something that will be unique to both you and every other user. No spaces and only “-”. 20 characters max
DOMAIN - eairlink.com
IPMANAGER1 - edns2.eairlink.com
IPMGRUPDATE1 - How frequently you want this updated. It should also send an update whenever your modem gets a new IP
IPMGRKEY1 - I don’t know what this is. Mine was pre-programmed. Hopefully yours is also.
IPMANAGER2 - eairlink.com
IPMGRUPDATE2 - again don’t know

After your modem sends it’s new IP, you can log-in (or access through AceManager) using the following IP
MODEMNAME.eairlink.com - where MODEMNAME is what you used for the top field.