Question about the Remote Logging functionality


I am new to the Sierra Wireless devices. I want to use the Remote Logging functionality from the ACEmanager (see screenshot). But some devices in my enviroment don’t have this functionality. The devices where this isn’t available have an ALEOS Software version 4.4.7.

Does anyone know where this functionality comes from? And from which version?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @jan1,
What are the models of your devices that don’t have Remote Logging functionality? (Eg: GX400, GX450, ES440…)

Hello, sorry for my late answer.

The devices where I don’t have remote logging are ES440 and GX400.
Has this something to do with the device model? And, if so how can I upgrade these devices?

Yes, the latest firmware version of ES440 and GX400 does not have Remote Logging functionality. If you want to use Remote Logging, you can consider replacing them with other devices (Eg: ES450, GX450 …).

OK, I will consider an upgrade off these devices.

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Hi @jan1,
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