Track Data Usage on Specific Ports

Nov 14, 2017

Data Usage has spiked from a normal 20GB per month to 55GB last month?

-We do have port forwarding setup to allow remote access, browser access and a few other ports to service.

  • We use uncommon numbers for the public ports

Is there a way to track data usage for each port ( in Mb or GB) in a Verizon Sierra Wireless GX440/ ALEOS 4.4.4? I don’t see a Port Stats in the AceManager Web page.

Hi dskinner,

There is no way to track data usage for each port. Not to raise an immediate red flag on the issue, but it is possible that your device has been infected with malware. Please see–malware-threat/ for a technical bulletin on the most recent malware attack on ALEOS devices. We’ve only seen cases on GX400/440 ALEOS gateways. Please make sure that both your User and Viewer password have been changed. I also recommend re-flashing the device to see if that addresses the high data usage.



Thanks for that reply!! I will definitely do that.