GX450 Mirror WAN to Analyze Location Data

Does the GZ450 have a way of mirroring the WAN port to the LAN port for analyze the network traffic to/from WAN? We are having some issues with the TAIP location data and I really would like to see what the modem is actually sending out.

Hi @michael.orlando ,
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You can see how many packets have been sent and received over the Ethernet port by access ACEmanager in the Status section ==> Ethernet ==> Ethernet Port Status.


Thank you for the reply. I would like to see the data from the gateway to the WAN. I am not sure that would appear in the ethernet setting without some type of port mirroring. Also, looking to monitor the packet data, not just the packet count.

Hi @michael.orlando
As far as I know, GX450 AirLink does not support the feature you want, details you can refer to the document at the link below: