GPS in GX450

Dear all,
I’m starting to use GX450 gateway, my first task is using it’s buit-in GPS to track the vehicle, but I can not finish my task! I can get GPS data as local data stream only! I use GX450’s wi-fi in client mode and want to send GPS data to an other server in the same subnet.
I did:

  • enable location service
  • set-up the destination servers
    but I don’t see any thing come to the server. So my questions are:
    *Is there any port/function that I need to open/set?
  • which mode of connection that GX450 use to transmit GPS data to the server: UDP,TCP as a client or TCP as a server

I appreciate all of your helps!
Thank you!
PS: I’m using ALEOS 4.8.0

Hi datuan2008,

This is a known bug in the ALEOS software. We anticipate this will be addressed in the next major release - ALEOS 4.9.0.