Getting information from GX440

I am looking to extract some data from the modem and display it on a website (PHP). I’m looking for someone experienced in the ALEOS Application Framework to get this done and paying for the work needed.

Hi Jescobar,

could you tell us some more details on what you want to extract for data (protocol if any, from which HW interface…) and where you are located (which country) so we can be able to better route your demand,

thank you,

I have a GX440 modem, I hooked up a GPS to it and I would like to pull the gps coordinates of this device so I can generate a local weather report based on the location. I also need the signal strength of the modem. I live in the US.

Everything works just fine but within the modem, I just need to be able to extract this data and display it on a remote website using HTML/PHP.


Hi Javier,

you could access the GPS data from within the Aleos Application Framework, it will make the AAF script much simpler as it will not have to fetch it from your external GPS.
Then the data can be sent per TCP/UDP/FTP or which ever IP based protocol very easily too.

below link will provide you the paths where to retrieve the (GX440) GPS data from within the script, look for the location based services (you will need to login to access the page). … Parameters

As per some contact for having the application developed upon SoW best is you contact your local distributor.