Displaying modem information in php


I am trying to display the GPS location and dBm values of a GX400 modem in a php website, I’ve been looking around but found very little information regarding something like this (or maybe I’m looking in the wrong place). Any help would be appreciated!



How are you trying to do that - as an application on the device? as an external application querying the device? via the AirVantage M2M Cloud? or…?

Note that the GX400 does not have Open-AT - it has Aleos:



Ultimately I would like to query the GX400 using php to obtain the data I need. Not as an application on the device or the AirVantage M2M Cloud. This is already being done when you login to the device but the end users will not have access to the modems, or any of the setup options available. All I need is signal quality and GPS data!

Sorry, I didn’t even see I posted on the wrong forum.


Let’s move your topic to the right place then…




here’s a PHP sample code running on AWS to query your device data thru AirVantage --> developer.sierrawireless.com/en/ … ample.aspx

We’ll shortly give samples not using AWS as well.

See also: developer.sierrawireless.com/ALEOS_AF



Hi donescobar,

You should be able to configure your GX to send these reports to your server. Have a look at the ALEOS User Guide in the Developer Zone

If this solution doesn’t match your needs, you may want to script your preferred solution using ALEOS Application Framework. Again, the Developer Zone will help you, as we have some sample source codes and tutorial to explain how you can read GPS and signal-strength information from the device

Or, as Thibs suggested, you configure your device to report to AirVantage M2M Cloud, and you simply get the info from there (again, some tutorials available on the Dev Zone)

Hope it helps