downgrade GX450

Dear all,
Is there any way to downgrade GX450 from ALEOS 4.8.0 back to 4.5.1?
Thanks for any helps!

Hi there,

Apologies for unfavorable answer, you are not able to downgrade from 4.8.0 to 4.5.1. Can you please advise me on why you wish to downgrade to 4.5.1?


Hi gtsang,
Thanks for your attention!
I want to do that because of with 4.5.1, I could establish the TCP connection to it’s 9494 port to get a snapshot of the GPS data, from when I upgraded it to ALEOS 4.8.0, that function doesn’t work any more, the connection is closed immediately right after it’s openned! And in waiting for the Sierra Tech. Suport Team fix that problem, I wanna do that to continue my tests!
Have you got any experience about that issue?
Thanks and best regards!

Hi datuan2008,

I thought I’d might butt in the conversation. I’ve actually had this tested recently on behalf of a customer. I was able to query the GPS data via TCP port 9494 using a simple TCP client. My MP70 was running 4.8.0. The thing is, you will only be allowed to query 9494 from the IP defined in Remote Server IP 1 located under Location/GPS tab of AceManager. Other IPs will be rejected immediately.


Hi Nick,
Thank you very much! The one that is using is a GX450. At this time I can not try any thing else because of it’s in the road-test for a mobility application! I’ll do some things more when it comeback.
Thank you any ways!