GX450 - Broadcast GPS data to WiFi clients

We are using the GX450 on a yacht and would like to broadcast GPS data in NMEA0183 format on UDP port 2000 to all connected WiFi clients. I can only select Ethernet in the local IP report setup, but how do I broadcast to specific UDP port to all WiFi AP clients that are using DHCP? Do I need to bridge Ethernet/WiFi for this to work?

I am also interested in this topic. I have the GX450 connected to an Ubiquiti router which is connected to a Ubiquiti switch. The switch has a wireless access point connected to it and that is how we connect to the internet.

I have combed through the manual and searched around online but haven’t really found any guides to make this work. It must not be too common unfortunately. I am trying to find information on the Ubiquiti forums as well, as maybe the issue is related to the router and switch (DNS or gateway addresses).

GPS is on and the GX450 properties page show that there are many satellites connected. It is just a matter of passing that data to wifi clients.

If anyone has any information that would be highly appreciated.

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This is an old thread, but here’s a solution that’s working for me to broadcast GPS data to any client on the LAN. It takes advantage of IP’s network broadcast address to send the data to any address on the LAN.

On the GPS tab, make sure GPS Service is enabled on the Global Settings tab. Then configure one of the Report Servers as follows:
Set your report time interval as needed. I used 5 seconds
Set the report server IP address as x.y.z.255 (where x.y.z.0 is your wifi or bridged wifi/LAN network). I used in my example.
Set the report server port number as needed. I used 5555 in the example shown.