Airlink GX450 - GPS (NMEA over TCP)

Hello together,
I planning a project for a measurement system.
We also deviced to use a Airlink GX450 with LTE/Wifi/GPS.
LTE and Wifi is working fine.
But with GPS I have problems to integrate it in our system.

I need an NMEA (GGA+VTG+RMV) Stream over Ethernet, means over TCP on Port 22.
My Computer (Datalogger Computer with Windows 8.1) is connected with a LAN Cable to the Router.

IP Computer:
IP Router: (Webinterface over port 9191)

Now I mad several tests and sometimes the stream will be available on the pc, somethimes not.
I’m not sure which settings I need and which one could make maybe problems.

There are 3 tabs for making settings:
Stream Settings

I’m absolutly not sure which of this 3 settings I need for a Ethernet GPS Stream over TCP to Port 22 of my Computer (

Could one of you help my, please?

Thank you in advance.
Best regars

I use a tool on the Computer to see what is coming in over TCP on Port 22.
But in the last time I get no message anymore.
Firewall in Windows 8.1 is already deactivated and the stream worked sometimes in the past.
So I think there is a big mistake in the settings on the Router.