MP to GX-GPS Messages

Hi everyone. We’re in the process of upgrading our fleet from MP775/MP881W modems to the GX-440. The issue I’m currently experiencing is having the application we’re using decipher the GPS messages being transmitted from the GX-440. Using the MP775/MP881W modems we developed the application around the MT reporting messages. Is there any way to replicate the MT reporting messages in the GX-440? If so that, would be tremendously helpful. Thanks!

Are you discussing about MP reporting for reporting GPS data?
If so it is implemented in GX also…


Hi Alex,

Thank you for the reply. We built our application around the Monitor and Tracking protocol for the MP881 and older modems. When trying to implement the GX440 and now the GX450 modems the GPS information is not being interpreted by the server. I can only conclude after programming the modem for our specifications, including GPS protocol, that there is a significant difference between Remote Access Protocol and Monitor and Tracking. Will the GX440 and GX450 work with an application that is built around the Monitor and Tracking protocol? Will significant changes need to be made on the server end to interpret the GPS data?