logs output between GX400 and 450

i was using the log() feature on the GX400 as follow, logs were showing in the console when i run the script using developer studio and when i load the script on the router I could see them published with the main logs on ace manager. when i moved to the GX450, the logs are showing on the main logs on ace manager but not on the console when i am debugging. any idea why?

log(“ALEOS_APPS_AAF”, “INFO”, “Message to Display”)

The logs going to the IDE console was actually a ‘bug’. Logs are now always redirected to the ALEOS logs.
If you needs prints on the IDE console you can use print() function. Alternatively you can also redefine the log.displaylogger(module, severity, msg) function in the log module in order to use printf instead of the internal ALEOS logger. (log.displaylogger = function …)
Have a look to log documentation : source.sierrawireless.com/resour … 0/log.html