Where are my logs ?


I use the code below to log information :

local log = require 'log'
                local logname = "ALARMES"
                log.setlevel("INFO", logname)
                log(logname,"INFO", "Erreur 99 detectée")

When i execute on developper studio i see mi logs on console but when i use Export on local application Package i lost them.

I try in developper studio -> System log and in ACE Manager -> Admin -> Log -> View log.

Do I look in the right place ? Where should i look ? Did i use the right tools ?


Hi Guillaume,

Everything you stated looks good to me.
Once an ALEOS Application is installed, its logs are to be seen in System Log.

Could you please:

  • try to add this line before calling log() API, and tell me if this seems to solve your problem:
  • provide your ALEOS version



Hi Laurent

thanks for you reply, I’m going to try your line.

Since i open this thread the log are back.

I’ve just reinstall the app and reboot the gateway.

For infos i use ALEOS on a LS300 or a GX400