LE_INFO() ... vs legatoConsole


How does Dev studio -> Remote System Explorer -> Legato Logger -> LegatoConsole work to display debug from the target?

Is it possible to do this outside dev studio using a standard linux tool (ssh, telnet, app …)?

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You can see the target’s log using ssh and busybox’s “logread” command.

From the target shell, to dump the entire contents of the log:


To start monitoring the log and print new lines as they are logged (like doing “tail -f” on a log file):

logread -f

Just FYI, the device’s log is using busybox syslogd’s circular RAM buffer for logging, instead of using rotating log files in a tmpfs file system. This is much easier to work with because then you don’t have to keep switching which file you are watching as the log files get rotated.

Hi jchitty

Many thanks - that’s a great help - I’m seeing stabiilty issues with Dev Studio - having a manual method means i can bypass it

If anyone else is trying this - you need to execute the command in a target shell (not the host development PC like I tried the first time :blush: )

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Didn’t work for me: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/logread-doesnt-work/11954/1