QPST restore on a rebranded EM7455 (Dell DW5811e)

I’ve been attempting to do an nvram restore using QPST with a EM7455 module (Dell DW5811e). QPST reports success when restoring; however, the old nvram data remains on reboot. I confirmed by doing diff between the original and modified qcn files.

Any ideas as to why this might be?

Hi @Amacc

This is normal behavior. QPST backs up NV items based on its knowledge of the target device and it only knows about Qualcomm products. For Sierra devices, it backs up general NV items but has no knowledge of SWI NV items.

You can use DumpDiff to backup and restore (to dump files to host) for Sierra devices.

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Thanks for your response, Donald. May I ask where can this DumpDiff tool be downloaded from? My search turned up empty.


Hi Amacc,

It is an internal tool so I cannot share it. Please contact your distributor or https://www.sierrawireless.com/support/ website for technical support in this case.