Qmi_wwan is not recognized on my host machine EM7565

I ran into a strange problem, I’m using EM7565 and on my private Linux machine it works perfectly (qmi_wwan recognized, /dev/ttyUSB are generated and I’m able to send AT commands to the EM7565) my kernel version is 5.15.0-71-generic and Ubuntu 20.04.
The problem starts when I try to activate it on other Linux machine, I’m using NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit with kernel version 5.10.104-tegra and Ubuntu 20.04, the main issue is that it doesn’t recognize qmi_wwan driver. When I run lsusb I can see it detects the EM7565 board, but when I run lsusb -t it doesn’t show me qmi_wwan driver:

lsusb -t:

I tried searching online for a solution but didn’t find one…

Did you install the mbpl usb driver?


Thank you!
I didn’t install it, after I did it recognized it.