EM7565 FW and Old linux driver compatibility

I have been using EM7565 with FW v1.08.04.00 and now I need to update cell firmware to v1.14.22.00.
I’m using qmi_wwan driver and my Linux Kernal version is v4.19.26

v1.14.22.00 (version going to update) is using Linux MBPL_Drivers_USB_R29_ENG2, which is different from my current qmi_wwan drivers. Since I cannot change my current driver, can someone tell the compatibility of [ old driver + new modem firmware ] combination ?

Probably you need to run the firmware download and see if it works or not

I’m able to upgrade FW to v1.14.22.00 and did some functionality test, and which all seem to be passing. However, I’m wondering if there anything else I should check to verify the compatibility of this firmware with old driver (qmi_wwan in Linux kernal v4.19.26)?


if your functionality tests meet all of your use case and requirement in the field, then it should be fine

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