EM7565 on Jetson TX2 NX


I’m relatively new to working with the Sierra Wireless modules and i’ve been having a pretty difficult time getting the EM7565 to work with the Jetson TX2 NX we’re using for our project. Its on kernel version 4.9.253tegra and ubuntu 18.04.

I’ve installed the linux driver provided on Sierra Source on two modules and one one i get the following error when running dmesg.

[ 9.870507] usb_wwan: exports duplicate symbol usb_wwan_chars_in_buffer (owned by kernel)
[ 9.923368] usb_wwan: exports duplicate symbol usb_wwan_chars_in_buffer (owned by kernel)

although lsusb shows the device lsusb -t shows that the driver isn’t running.

the second module after running an update has the modem connect and then disconnect immediately. Is there another driver that is better suited to the jetson? any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi @jordan ,
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To make sure that the EM7565 module will work well on the Jetson TX2 NX module, please check the compatibility between the Jetson TX2 NX module and the MBPL driver, please refer to the Software Integration and Development Guide in the link below for more details:


Regarding compatibility the TX2 NX uses an ARM Cortex-A57, to clarify are all ARM 64 bit processors supported or only the following systems?
• RockPro64
• NXP (LS1043, LS1046)

I had a read though all of the documentation previously and have tried the following with little luck.

Modemmanager is disabled
GobiSerial and GobiNet are blacklisted
Kernel is newer than 4.4


Hi @jordan ,
In theory, the EM7565 module should definitely support ARM (64-bit): RockPro64, NXP (LS1043, LS1046).
I’m not sure if other chips are supported, Please email technical support: support@sierrawireless.com for further support on other chips.