QMI indications

Is there a documentation somewhere about what set of indications are supported by the QC chip in RC7620? Some indications are working and some are not. Would be nice to have the list somewhere to check,


Hi @saim,

You are using the RC7620 on a Linux host, aren’t you?
Please let me know which indications are not working.


yes I’m using a Linux host, and I’m using libqmi (1.32.4) to communicate with the modem.
libqmi: libqmi
There are a lot of overlapping API:s in libqmi. When designing the modem control sequence for
the RC7620 it would be helpful to know which indications (and QMI messages in general) are
supported, and which are not. So when I encounter a problem I know the problem is with me or
libqmi and not a limitation of the modem.

I tried to check supported messages for the NAS client using the “Get Supported Messages” API
but that call itself appears to not be supported (QMI protocol error (71): ‘InvalidQmiCommand’)
I have added an example for the NAS client API below, but the libqmi API contains several
other groups of indications.

As a test I added listeners for all 7 indications of the NAS client;

  • NAS Event Report
  • NAS Network Time
  • NAS Serving System
  • NAS System Info
  • NAS Signal Info
  • NAS Operator Name
  • NAS Network Reject

Now some of these have corresponding toggles in other API:s,
“NAS Set Event Report”

  • configures triggers for “NAS Event Report” messages
    “NAS Register Indications” enables/disables indications for
  • “Network Time”
  • “Serving System Events”
  • “Network Reject Information”
  • “System Info”
  • “Signal Info”

There is no obvious match for “Operator Name”, but

  • “Current PLMN name”
  • “Susbscription info”

sound like they could apply.
See: NAS Register Indications response: libqmi-glib Reference Manual
for full list of options.

I configured the RSSI indications for the event report using qmi_client_nas_set_event_report().
I toggled on the seven listed indications in a call to qmi_client_nas_register_indications().
Using these settings I’m able to receive the following indications:

  • NAS Event Report
  • NAS Serving System
  • NAS System Info

Since the “Network Reject” indications is presumably only sent if network registration is rejected,
I’m not sure if that is available or not.

These appear to not be available:

  • NAS Network Time
  • NAS Signal Info
  • NAS Operator Name

The poll-version of the “Operator Name” command does work.
It’s only the indication that appears to be missing.

Hi @saim,

Firstly, for using RC7620 on a Linux host, please install the MBPL_DRIVERS_R35_ENG4-usb-src.tar package.
If you are interested in QMI indications on RC7620, please refer to the MBPL_SDK_R35_ENG4-lite.bin.tar package.
Both of those packages are located in the following path: Mobile Broadband Package for Linux (SDK, Drivers, Documentation)

After downloading and successfully extracting, please access \MBPL_SDK_R35_ENG4-lite.bin\SampleApps\lite-qmi-nas, where you will find the lite-qmi-nas-readme file describing lite-qmi-nas (the application).
This is a sample application/utility that manages QMI Network Access Service on Sierra Wireless Modems based on Qualcomm chipsets.

That file provides instructions on how to use SampleApps by accessing the path \MBPL_SDK_R35_ENG4-lite.bin\SampleApps\lite-qmi-nas\bin, then running the command: sudo ./lite-qmi-nashostx86_64 -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 and selecting 3. Indication Register.