Controling MC7430 with qmi_wwan driver on embedded system

I use to work with MC7304 modems and qmi_wwan driver on OpenWrt plateform to get internet services, and wanted to jump to MC7430 for better performances

The problem is the new modem only responds to AT commands using ttyUSB2 interface. cdc-wdm0 interface do not responds to any qmi requests and IP interface never mount.

I tried to jump to mbim commands to see if I could get better results, but requests only timed out.

=> Is there any specific configuration to perform on the modem to enable qmi commands ?


You need to check the USB composition of the device with the below


If it comes up saying MBIM then you change it to RMNet (use at!usbcomp=? to see the options available), if it comes up showing RMNet interfaces then in theory there is nothing to do. Beyond that not sure what to suggest.



Thank you for your answer, the modem configuration is RMNet so it doesn’t explain why qmi do not respond.
However I will try again with mbim and modify the USB configuration accordingly to see if I can get good results this time