How to "talk" QMI with MC7710 modem

Hi there!

The standard “AT commands via COM port” communication with my MC7710 modem on Windows 7, should be replaced by a modern Non-AT “Qualcomm’s QMI” protocol.

The modems of MC series are Qualcomm GOBI API compatible, so i’m looking for an GOBI Windows SDK to achieve my goal.

In the mean time i got the “GOBI 2000 SDK” and “GOBI 3000 SDK” from QUALCOMM itself, but my device can’t be detected with both of them because
the “QCWWANConnect” function (from “GobiConnectionMgmt.dll”) returns “6” -> “Unable to detect Gobi device”.

I allready installed the latest QMI drivers “SWI9200X_03.05.24.00bt r5792 carmd-en-10527”. The SW “Air Card Watcher” application communicate without any problems to the modem through QMI protocol.So the device is well configured, i guess.

So what i’m doing wrong?
Should i use any specific Sierra Wireless GOBI SDK?
Is there any other way to talk QMI?

Please help!

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Hi Max,

Are you sure the modem is working in QMI mode?
Can you please check the USB PID of the modem, whether it is 68A2 (QMI) or 68A3 (Direct IP)?

Also, you said you got Gobi SDK from Qualcomm, I am not sure if that can works with MC7xxx as I don’t have chance to test that combination earlier. But I think it’s better to use QMI SDK officially released by Sierra Wireless as it was developed and tested by Sierra for MC7xxx modem.

Hope it helps.


i can’t find it nowhere!

Sorry to say, kindly check with your FAE/distributor to obtain it.