MC7354 gobi api is not detecting the device

Hi All, I am newbie here.
I am using GobiAPI to communicate with MC7354, but its not detecting the device. QCWWAN2kEnumerateDevices always returning zero devices.
I am able to use AT commands to access device using clearterminal.
Is there any changes we need to make it detect using gobiapi?


Can you please check configuration below using AT command?

AT!ENTERCND=“password” (please check and use correct password)


These are the results for the commands.

APP : 68C0
BOOT: 68C0



The device is working fine with AT commands, but Its not even detecting with Gobi.

Sorry to come back late.

Do you see additional network adapter enumerated in device manager after MC7354 connected?
What’s the SDK and driver version you are using?


Im having more or less the same issue.

I’m trying to retrieve information from a MC7354 modem using Gobi.dll from the SDK downloaded from sierra wireless webpage and Im using it from a C# application, but I have two problems:

  1. when I make the call to the function QCWWANConnect it throws an exception saying that the method could not be found inside the dll.
    The wrapper I’m using looks like this:

public static extern UInt32 QCWWANConnect();

I also tried this without luck:

[DllImport(DLL_FILENAME, EntryPoint = “?QCWWANConnect@@YAKXZ”)]
public static extern UInt32 QCWWANConnect();

No idea why is not detected

  1. Later I tried with another dll I found in a ex colleague hard drive named GobiConnectionMgmt.dll (In the documentation of the SDK you mention GobiConnectionMgmt.h so I guess this dll is related with Gobi.dll) With this one the same method returns me a 6, which means the device cannot be detected.

I made sure the MC7354 was the only network device connected to the internet and it was working.

The version of Gobi.dll for 32 bits is 4.2.1410.3
The build of the SDK is 4218
The version of the driver is 15.11.1050.84 provided by Sierra Wireless

Can you please help me? Im stuck with this

A colleague just found the problem using GobiApi.dll

I had this wrapper:

public static extern UInt32 QCWWANConnect();

The original declaration of the method is:

returns an ulong. It turns out that a C++ ulong is equivalent to a uint in C# but uint is not the same as UInt32. So at the end this is the wrapper that worked:

public static extern uint QCWWANConnect();