7304 w7 gobiapi

Hi All,
We are working with an MC7304 in a windows 7 system. We are using GobiApi.dll 4.2.1503.0 installed with the default driver in C:\Program Files\Sierra Wireless Inc\Utils\GobiApi.dll to access qmi interface.
The problem is that we haven´t any documentation about this api. We are using the documentation provided by Sierra Gobi SDK WinCE v1.12.1, but it seems different.
We need the Api to retreive signal strength and cell information like AT!GSTATUS response but we don´t find documentation about interfaces like “SwiGetSystemInfo” or “SwiGetCellLocationInfo” exported by the GobiApi.dll.

We will be very grateful if you can provide us proper documentation.

Many thanks

  • Jaime

from where you downloaded this SDK?
Normally in that SDK packet, there will ba a folder named ‘documents’ from where you will get information regarding APIs.

One more thing you can try is download ‘Linux QMI SDK’ and search the corresponding API.


I recently got the correct documentation through my provider.

Thanks for the reply.

  • Jaime