SDK for Windows


is there an SDK for normal desktop Windows available (devices MC7710, MC7304)? When checking out The Source, all I could find was QMI SDK for Linux and an SDK for Windows CE. I contacted our FAE and he said that there is nothing they can provide us. From what I could gather reading this forum, there should be an SDK, but I’m not sure about this because of the answer the FAE provided. :confused:

If there is no SDK, is there a way to directly send QMI commands to these devices on Windows?

I don’t think and SDK is available for Windows for MC modules…
Regarding sending QMI packets… I will try at my end :slight_smile:


I’ve been dealing with the SDK problem by using GobiApi.dll from watcher and checking out the CE SDK. From there I could get some prototypes for the functions and by trial and error I could get some of them working too (enumerate devices, connect device, disconnect device, set low power / online mode, set autoconnect).

I would of course like to replace this hackery with either a correct SDK, AT commands or direct QMI.

The problems for me currently are the low power mode and autoconnect. I need to get them working across multiple devices (MC8790, MC7710 and MC7304) and I have not found a satisfactory way yet. My current setup is to use the old SWI api for older modems and parts of the GobiApi.dll snatched from the Watcher for newer devices and AT commands for the common stuff.

AT commands would be ideal but I can’t set the autoconnect setting and the AT+CFUN setting is not persisten across power cycles. I could not make it persistent with


And not all modems even have that setting. Of course, there could be something I’ve missed, but I’ve tried to read the AT command reference a few times and I think there is no mention of additional steps that would have to take place.

Seams to be a problem with SIERRA,
on this thread “lotam” said that there is an SDK:

@REX_ALEX: could you clarify your post:

Is there a SDK for MC Modules or not?

Yes, there is a SDK available for Linux (QMI SDK)
Hope you are referring that only or SDK on windows?


… now i can provide the answer to my own question:
yes there is a SDK for Windows…
I have received a SDK from my distributor which works for mc7304.

for all those reading this: don’t give up and keep torturing your distributors, after a long time you will receive your SDK!