Where can I find the EM7565 Windows SDK?


Does anyone know where I can find the Windows SDK and documentation for the EM7565? The only one listed on your website is the Linux one.



If you are using Windows the best thing to do is to switch the unit to MBIM mode and use this, we then conform to the requirements for this which are all on MSDN.



I’d like to do that, but what I need to do is send QMI commands, and there doesn’t seem to be any documented way to do that over the MBIM interface (QMI over MBIM) from the API documentation on Microsoft’s site…

I don’t know much about WIndows, but I believe you can use the IMbnDeviceService interface to access the QMI over MBIM service, if you are ready to write the supporting code yourself:

There’s not much docs outside a Qualcomm NDA as far as I know, but you don’t really need any. It’s very simple. Just send the QMUX as payload in an MBIM set request. The command ID is 1, and the service UUID is ‘d1a30bc2-f97a-6e43-bf65-c7e24fb0f0d3’

What is a qmux? I’m able to write the supporting code, but without knowing the specification on how to send the payload, it’s not easy to figure out…

QMUX is a “QMI packet”. I am never 100% sure about the correct terminology here, not having the docs myself :wink:

I assumed you had QMI docs since you wanted to send QMI commands. The “QMI over MBIM” does not change the format of the QMI requests and replies. They are simply transported as-is with a MBIM header. You can for example see the open source implementations in libqmi and uqmi

Ah, I see, only thing I know about the command I want to send is that its name is dms-set-fcc-authentication… I don’t have a clue about the formatting yet, and don’t have access to any NDA docs.

I’ll dig around that source code and see if I can find some answers. Thanks!

After some work figuring out the parameters of GobiApi.dll using some old Linux source code, I managed to write some code that deactivates the FCC authentication… Here it is in action:

GitHub: https://github.com/CitadelCore/SierraAuth