Q64/GS64/WMP100 module

Hello, is it true that the Q64 and GS64 are architectually the same, both using the WMP100 module, and therefore the firmware is interchangeable ?

Thanks, Michael.

I don’t think that the Q64 actually uses a WMP100 as such - but it certainly is true that the architecture is the same and that Open-AT applications written for one can run on the other. (you obviously have to take care of differences in GPIOs, memory, etc).

I don’t know about GS64.

Ok, so how can you please tell me how I get the Open AT framework flashed to this device. I have a Sony Ericsson GS64, which is the same as the Q64/WMP100 based devices.

It doesn’t recognize the standard commands which Developer Studio is attempting to send to it for firmware upgrade, the commands it is expecting are :


As discussed here in this document in your archive :

archive.sierrawireless.com/resou … otocol.pdf

I have tried M2MStudio 1.2 as well and it does not work. I have asked Sony Ericsson what is the appropriate tool, and then replied to contact you :

From what I can see here:




Wavecom would be the people to ask about this now, their site is linked below:


They recommended the M2Mpower IDE II tool, as opposed to your M2MStudio. Where can I get this tool ? The chip in this device is a WMP100 compatible module, but the firmware is just not recongizing the commands sent to it by either Developer Studio or M2MStudio ? Where can I get the software that will issue the appropriate AT*EDNLD commands for firmware upgrade, and an R65c firmware upgrade in binary format .bin, as opposed to .dwl, which I think is dependant on an internal Wavecoom bootloader.

Thanks, Michael.

No, they are not. Gx64 (GR64/GS64) have the same form factor as Q64. GRSoft app in GR library implements most of the AT commands present on GR64/GS64. The similarities end there. Firmware architecture, Firmware releases, baseband, bootloader, TCP/IP stack, etc are completely different.

Some inputs on your other posts in the forum about Gx64:

WMSN is present in Q64. It is not present on Gx64. It isn’t listed in Gx64 AT manual.

M2MPower IDE is a Gx64 specific IDE. It is not related to M2MStudio. There is no Open AT on Gx64. It had a different set of C based APIs.

R65c Firmware is compatible with Q64 and not with Gx64. If I remember correctly, 4-5 years ago, R5A was released as the final maintenance firmware for Gx64.