Q2698 adl_adInstall causes exception + reboot

I downloaded a dwl file in the A&D Storage. when i call adl_adInstall it causes an Exception.

What is a kernel envelope ?


Is the application compiled with the appropriate ADL version for the firmware in your modem?

Have a look at viewtopic.php?f=108 for some more notes on this.

Also, have you got enough free A&D flash to accept the application you are downloading?

ciao, Dave


Yes it is an earlier Version of the apllication running on the moden. When i download it with at+wdwl it works.

all adl_adwrites return 0 and the adl_adfinalise returns 0.

The dwl file is 103776 Bytes big, the same amount stored in the cell.

I have read the notes an found no clues.

I will now upload the file from the cell and compare it with the original.

i uploaded and downloaded the dwl file

sha512sum.exe latest.dwl upload_from_device

8c32dfbcd9596e60c7926e4d80ca51be26e3089cff7c22a689bde7cc9f3c4744eba8b1cd3a5a0e948b8e803498c532bb4b632cdff27e6e9a916953505dcd5f4a *latest.dwl
8c32dfbcd9596e60c7926e4d80ca51be26e3089cff7c22a689bde7cc9f3c4744eba8b1cd3a5a0e948b8e803498c532bb4b632cdff27e6e9a916953505dcd5f4a *upload_from_device

The sha512sum matches.

I am now positive that the dwl file is correct.

I send upload_from_device to the module with AT+WDWL and it works

What about endianess ? Is BigEndian correct ?

What about stacksize ?

Here is whats running on the siwi module:

11:16:16:899 - “DWL”," SWI6200T_02.02.04.05BT R2734 CNSZXD00000145 2013/07/19 15:03:02","",“Sierra Wireless”,0,"",“00000000”,“00000000”
11:16:16:914 - “FW”,“FW_752_28_A1_8.Q268Fx”,“R7.52.0.A1.201307191706.Q2698”,“Sierra Wireless”,1762020,“071913 17:06”,“cd354cd9”,“10002020”
11:16:16:930 - “MODEM 3G+”,“Revision: SWI6200T_02.02.04.05AP R2734 CNSZXD00000145 2013/07/19 15:03:02”
11:16:16:930 - “OAT”,“”,“3G”,“Rudolph-Industrie-Elektronik”,191600,“013114 11:05”,“2dcd71b5”,“10700000”
11:16:16:945 - -“Developer Studio”,“”
11:16:16:945 - -“Open AT Application Framework package”,“2.52.0.A1.201307221109”
11:16:16:961 - -“Open AT OS Package”,“6.52.0.A1.201306271522”
11:16:16:977 - -“Firmware Package”,“7.52.0.A1.201307191706”
11:16:16:977 - -“Internet Library Package”,“5.56.0.A1.201307011505”
11:16:16:977 - -“Location Library Package”,“”
11:16:16:977 - “ROM”,“8400000”
11:16:16:977 - “RAM”,“4000000”
11:16:16:977 - “DWLNAME”,“Q2698”