adl_flhSubscribe problem

I’v got new q2686h module and tryed to download my project. After this string:
r = adl_flhSubscribe(FLH_HANDLE, 12);
my module reboot and adl_main executes with
InitType = ADL_INIT_REBOOT_FROM_EXCEPTION. On my old module this code works with no exceptions. Can anybody tell me what to do?

What is the version number of the core firmware?
Please post what ATI3 returns…

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Jan, ATI3 returnes:
B61h09gg.Q2686H 1909640 050306 12:38.
Maybe I need to enable flash someway?

Hello folks,

That function should not lead to exception.
i would not dare to use that prebeta release. :slight_smile:

I am using B61w dated 08-28-06. Still lots of bugs, major ones which i noticed:

-Memory leaks with CmdCreate api
-AD recompaction not working well
-AD install is still unstable in some scenario

We are using currently GCC compiler and going to try ADS. Maybe wavecom test the APIs first with ADS. Could that be the problem?

I think in every beta release a documentation must be included which API had basic testing along with the know bugs…

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Well, I know, that there is a lot of bugs in this betta version, but it this case I can’t understand WHY one of my modules works with this program, and others reboots with exception! I tryed to download this version of OS in all 4 my modules with DwlWin but rezult was the same - one works with flash, others does not!


Well i see…

Did you try your code after AT+WOPEN=3? But after reflashing it should work.

It could be possible that the flash IC is not the same on every module and the old OS not fully support the comaptible flash IC on the problematic module. Can you see the flash type in dwlwin?

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