Firmware updates

I’m using Q2686 and WIP stack.

Is there a way of reading the installed dwl file so that I can calculate its CRC? I want to use the CRC32 to decide wheter or not to download new firmware from a server. The idea is that if the file on the server has the same CRC I don’t download it.

If i can’t read the installed dwl file then could I just read what was last finalised and assume this was installed? Does adl_adFinalise cause the data to be written to flash?

The fact that the adl_adInfo structure contains a pointer to the cell data suggests that the data is in RAM - or maybe it’s in both. I must admit I’m not sure of what the memory map looks like. If I subscribe to the cell I should be able to calulate the CRC using the pointer and size in the adl_adInfo structure ??

If I alwys download to the same cell id for firmware updates then do I ever need to recompact?

Regards and thanks