Extracting version and other information from DWL?

Hi, I am writing an app to flash the modem in a production environment and want to check what version is currently in the module and if required update it with the selected file or warn that the version in the modem is newer than the selected file.

So the question is, can I extract the version information (and other if possible) from a DWL file? What is the best practice around this? Also I find it odd that Developer Studio allowed you to get your modems bootloader / FW out of sync…

Thanks in advance.


As I know, DWL file was encrypted and compressed, so it is not easy to get the version info from it.

Are you getting only the .dwl file alone or the whole output/target folder?
If latter case, build.properties may provide you those info.

Hope this helps.


If you’re already writing an app of your own, simply extend one of your existing (or create a new) AT command that dumps out the following const ascii arrays:


These are configured in the ADL applications settings (and end up in generated.c), or are manually configured in your source code. These strings are used by the SiWi tools to do their OTA updates and firmware management, but there’s no reason why you can’t dump them out yourself in response to your own AT command.

ciao, Dave

Hi David and Lotam, thanks for your reply. Ideally I did not want to rely on other files being in the same folder and those files being correct. But if there is no other way, I guess I will need to go with your implementation.

PS I can get the modem current version information using ATI9 so what I need is to know what the file’s info is before I flash it to the modem.

Thanks for you response!