Getting firmware version with a built-in function


i am going to implement a function which gets the firmware version of the modem and then update the firmware according to the one it has. I need to get current FW version because i should update the right type of the firmware( fxt002, fxt009, q2686rd etc.)
i know there is ATI3 command but i wonder if there is a built-in Open AT function which gives me the current firmware version of the modem.


Good question…

I am not sure if such API available, but you can use adl_atCmdCreate() to send “ATI3” to query the firmware version… :blush:

Does it help?


it seems that there is no api for this operation. I have to use adl_atCmdCreate() to execute ATI3.
Thank you.


You can also use ATI9 to get even more info about your application version, OS and plugin versions (also using adl_atCmdCreate())