Firmware Update


Hi All,
I am new to OPEN AT and need to know, is there a way to update the firmware/application (.dwl) on the modem remotely?

I have a application (.dwl) installed on Modem. Every time the modem is restarted, it should check for new version of this application on the server and if there is one available, it should replace the older version with new version and then restart itself. Is it possible to achieve this?

Any pointers would be highly apprecaited.



Hi VeeKay,

It’s possible. Just need several lines of code to be reliable. Some bugs are still present in openat 4.10. (no reset after install etc…) but you can find a workaround in this forum.

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Yes, that is exactly what DOTA is for!

There is an example application on your Open-AT CD.

However, see … light=dota