Steps of DOTA

Can somebody tell the steps of working with DOTA?
Wavecom support says that there is no samples of DOTA in OpenAT, so can somebody clear me in this question?

In wavecom university it was said that i have to connect to DOTA modem and with 1K protokol download it into external modem. But I can’t understand how external modem will understand that this connection is DOTA program.

May be it is stupid question but i hope that someone can help me in this :slight_smile:

Really?! :open_mouth:

My Open-AT v3.03 has an “Application Download” sample which certainly does illustrate DOTA!

Take a look in your ‘Samples’ folder.

But see: … oad+sample :frowning:

You can use any mechanism you like to transfer the data!

The above-mentioned “Application Download” sample illustates both XMODEM (but see above) and FTP.

Neither can I - I think you must have mis-heard and/or misunderstood?

Unfortunately, the Wavecom documentation is particularly bad at explaining how to actually use Open-AT’s features! :angry: :angry:

The Basic steps are

  1. Subscribe to an A&D Cell of Undefined size;
  2. Load the application’s .WPB.DWL file into the Cell;
  3. Finalise the Cell;
  4. Install the Cell.

As mentioned above, you can use whatever mechanism(s) you like for step 2 to transfer the data…

The main problem as i think is downloading the *.dwl file.
The steps are:

  1. For example with GSM. Make a call from my computer modem and establish 9600 connect.
  2. On my DOTA modem subscribe to adl_adSubscribe
  3. On my DOTA modem after establishing connection i subscribe to Flow Control and in FCM data_handle make adl_adwrite

Is it right?

Direction doesn’t matter;
Speed doesn’t matter.

That’s basically it - my steps 1 & 2 in my previous post